Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is put forward to everyone who uses the MoveRide App, for the purpose of either providing (‘Partner’) or receiving (‘Client’) ride-hailing services. This Privacy Policy states how MoveRide (“MoveRide”, “we” or “us”) accesses, collects and shares your information. MoveRide aims in providing a safe environment for both Partners and Clients, therefore we respect the privacy of all our valued users (“User” or “you”).

Personal Information

While signing in, you provide us your personal details. Your information like your name, phone number, gender will be known to us. Your profile may be visible to the partner/client you share the ride with. Your friends who have your tracking code may be able to access the Partner/Client’s name and vehicle type. We shall not share your personal details with third-party or any other users.

Your personal information is used to:

  • Verify your identity and maintain your account, settings, and preferences;
  • Connect you to your rides and track their progress;
  • Calculate prices and process payments;
  • Communicate with you about your rides and experience;
  • Collect feedback regarding your experience;
Location Information

While using MoveRide services, you shall turn on your GPS through which we may have access to your current location. Your Partner/Client may be able to view your current location for the ease of the ride. If you have shared the tracking code with your friends, your friends may be able to track your and your Partner/Client’s current location. We may share your location to certain Law Enforcement agencies, if necessary, for Safety purpose.

Phonebook and Contact Information

We may need to access your phonebook and contacts in order to set your Emergency Contact. We shall not share your Phonebook content with any third-party. When you request or accept a ride, your contact number may be visible to your Partner/Client so that you can make calls for the service.

Third Party Information

We may use third-party to verify your phone number or identity. We may anonymize and share certain information for marketing and business purpose.

Legal advisors or governmental authorities

We may share your information with our legal advisors, law enforcement officers or governmental authorities. This may take place to fulfil the legal purposes or any other following circumstances:

  • Comply with applicable governmental rules and regulations
  • Respond to legal process
  • Cooperate with the law enforcement authorities
  • Defend legal claims, protect safety of users, third parties, or the public and required by rule of law
  • Protection of personal data

We take reasonable legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure that your personal data is protected. This includes to prevent personal data getting lost, misused or accessed in an unauthorized way.

Amendments and Updates

MoveRide may update and amend the terms of this policy. Such amendments and modifications shall be notified to you through application or any other appropriate means. When you use MoveRide you are agreeing to the most recent terms of policy.