We are committed to your safety and security

MoveRide is committed to addressing your safety concerns and providing you the safest and most convenient ride-sharing experience. MoveRide has adopted safety mechanisms to keep you or your loved ones safe.

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Partner Gender Preference

MoveRide wants to make your ride-sharing experience as safe and comfortable as possible. To ensure this, MoveRide will try its best to connect female users with female riders.


MoveRide app has a built-in Police contact feature which makes it easier for both users and riders to contact the Police (100) in cases of emergency.


In case of emergency, you can contact the Ambulance (102) service, that is available 24×7 from the Safety section of the MoveRide user and partner apps.

Emergency Contact

MoveRide App understands your concern for your near and dear ones. Therefore, you can add Emergency Contacts in the App which allows the contact to track you and know your real-time location.

Ride Verification

Ride verification is unique safety feature of MoveRide. This feature helps to ensure that the client is picked up by the right Partner. Client can turn on this feature from safety center or settings. Once the client turns this feature on, he/she will get a OTP when requesting the ride. Partner has to enter the OTP provided by the client. If the partner enters wrong OTP multiple times, MoveRide will cancel the ride associated with Partner.


Letting your friends and family know that you are safe is a lot easier now with MoveRide’s messaging features. You can send a quick message to your emergency contact letting them know your location and partner’s details.

Record Voice

If writing is much of a hassle, you can simply record a voice memo and send it to your emergency contacts via the app. Besides, what could be more assuring than hearing your loved ones say they’re safe?

Share Tracking Code

To ensure additional safety, you can share tracking codes with your Emergency contacts. Tracking codes are unique codes with which your emergency contacts can view your rider’s details and location.

Live Tracking

MoveRide allows your Emergency Contacts to view your real-time GPS location with the help of the tracking code. This live tracking function adds comfort to your dear ones waiting for you at your destination.

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