Ride Sharing service in Nepal


You must be connected to the internet to book/accept a ride.
The entire registration process is online, and you do not have to come to the office to register as a partner. You can download the app, register and upload documents to complete your registration.
Yes, the same mobile number can be used for both client and partner apps. However, both apps require separate registration even with the same mobile number and email address.
Yes, you can register multiple vehicles under the same account. Make sure you upload the required documents for all the registered vehicles.
Yes, you may change your contact number and registered vehicle. You may contact MoveRide to make changes in your registration details.
Yes, you can take a ride right away or schedule a ride for later. A ride may be scheduled for up to the following week.
No, landline numbers cannot be added as Emergency Contact as we may have to send messages and codes to the Emergency Contact.

Reasons for temporary account suspension:

  • Over-speeding
  • Smoking during the ride
  • Overcharging clients
  • Canceling the ride after reaching the client
  • Contacting the client after completing the ride

Reasons for Permanent account suspension:

  • Performing act of violence and/or harassment
  • Consuming any forms of alcoholic beverage before or during the ride
  • Repeated complaints on act of harassment
  • Repeated accidents
  • Harming and/or defaming MoveRide