Adding Emergency Contact

    1. Click on the “Menu ” icon at the top left corner of the home screen.
    2. Click on “Settings” from the menu.
    3. Click on “Emergency Contact“.
    4. You may view and edit  your emergency contacts by simply clicking on the contact name displayed.
    5. To add a new emergency contact, click on ” Add more contact“.
    6. You may manually enter the contact details or add contact from phone book.
    7. To add a contact from phone book, click on “Add from phone book“. Select the contact and click on “Continue“.
    8. After adding the contact details click on “Add contact“.
    9. You may allow your Emergency contact to track all your rides by selecting the contact you want to send your tracking details to and checking on “ Allow Track“. By allowing the Emergency Contact to allow tracking your ride, the contacts may track you whenever they wish to. However, this is an optional step and you may skip this step if you do not wish your emergency contacts to automatically track your rides.